Build strong, muscular legs!

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FREE 4-Week Squat and Deadlift Workout Plan!

Start building leg muscle, strength, and get the muscle growth you want with this workout plan.

4 Reason Why Our Athlete Choose Us

Target the Right Goal(s)

Its safe to assume you goal (or one of them) is to build bigger, stronger legs (I assume that's why you are here). Our program is geared 100% for that goal, and focuses in on the best exercises to help you gain leg strength, lean muscle, and move better (with better technique).

Ongoing Vocal Support

Even the best program can fall short is their isn't the right team of coaches, athletes, and community standing behind it. Our online Facebook community will hold you accountable, help your with any questions, and provide you with ongoing support and motivation for the 4-weeks, and beyond. We will send you an invite in welcome email.

Easy to Find Video Demos

We take the guesswork out of the gym and let you focus on training. All our workouts come with clickable exercise video demonstrations to make sure you fully understand how to perform an exercise with correct technique.

Cut the Fluff

We are not here to sell you on some "cutting-edge" or "secret workout" training program. We know what works, because it has been doing so for our our athletes (fitness, college, and even Olympic trials) over and over again. Each program get straight to the point, and includes all warm-up, strength, and injury prevention movements.